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Photo 19 Jul 1 note I kept waiting for this thing to start singing about Africa, but it just didn’t happen.

I kept waiting for this thing to start singing about Africa, but it just didn’t happen.

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Subculture as we know it is dead, and its all the internets fault.

Before you brand me as some guy who’s “gotten old and doesn’t get it anymore”, please, tell me what youth-driven subculture exists now that is as substantial as rave, grunge, punk etc and etc (and by subculture I mean something…

This goes for a lot more things than what he mentions in the article.

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Pusheen is serious business.

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What the fuck is this shit…
"This image has been removed for violating one or more of Tumblr’s Community Guidelines."

Can anyone else see what these images are SUPPOSED to be? All I’m getting are 2 white images saying that.
It’s supposed to be some re-blog from reddit supposedly, but I don’t know, I can’t see what it is.

I thought Yahoo! wasn’t going to change anything when they came over here? If I seriously start seeing anymore of this shit, I’m gone.
I seriously don’t care what the content is. The whole point of this site is NO CENSORSHIP, so apparently if this is going on, something has changed, and thus I will be changing my account status here if I see this shit again.

Video 28 Jul 2 notes

Was looking around on Craigslist, and I spot this shit:

For sale is a VERY rare and hard to find game known as AKUMAJO DRACULA aka Vampire Killer ( CASTLEVANIA in North America) for the MSX 2 console/computer. Complete in Box with user’s manual and game cartridge The game box is signed by James Rolfe & Mike Matei of Cinemassacre/ Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN)

James Rolfe aka Angry video game nerd did a now famous review of Castlevania on his website, therefore I decided to have him and his artist/executive producer of Cinemassacre Mike Matei sign the cover of this old school Castlevania classic. This game is so rare and unknown that they didn’t even know what it was when they signed it. I managed to know something they didn’t know. Anyways, it is one of a kind and would fit perfectly into any hardcore retro gamers collection. (I can provide more verification about the authenticity of the autographs at time of meeting if needed)

Price is FIRM: $150

This is basically the MSX2 version of the original Castlevania on Nintendo, but with a few changes. It was only released in Japan and it’s fairly uncommon to rare, going for around $50 - 75 for a loose cart and around $125 - 300 complete. You may be wondering what the deal is with this one, and what’s with the signatures?

It’s essentially been defaced, as it has been signed by James Rolfe (aka the Angry Video Game Nerd) and Mike Matei. They had absolutely NOTHING do with the making of this game, the music composition, the system, or anything related to the actual title itself. They have never even met the makers of said title. For those that are not familiar with who they are, James Rolfe is known for nothing more than having a YouTube channel where he plays a character known as “The Nerd” and does random videos with said character playing, you guessed it, video games. Except now he has kind of run out of ideas, so him and his friend Mike (Matei) just make videos of them playing and talking about video games out of character now. What was originally a somewhat humorous time waster has now turned into a boring lack luster waste of 10 - 20 minutes, all with the excuse of ‘there is a movie coming!’.

Essentially, because these 2 worthless fucks played the game, they feel they have the right to sign said title, like they actually had something to do with the creation or production of it. I could think of plenty of comparisons about this, like me running a fan website for some specific franchise and I felt that because I was such a fan, I had the right to sign that franchise’s posters even though I had nothing do with the actual franchise, but you get the point I hope, even though that’s probably a more legitimate excuse than what has happened here.

I don’t care if this particular copy was specifically featured in one of the episodes of AVGN, no one but the people involved in making the game, have ANY right to sign said product, otherwise it’s considered defacing said product. You just don’t do this kind of shit. There is absolutely no logical or valid explanation for this kind of behavior. It would be like me starting up a YouTube show and signing items just because they are on the show.

This is nothing more than YouTube celebrity bullshit.

Seriously, fuck you James and Mike - I’m done watching your videos and any future videos you may come out with. This is complete bullshit and you can both go fuck yourselves. There is nothing you can do to remedy this ever, as there is absolutely no excuse you could ever dream up with to rationalize your reasoning behind why you thought it would be cool to deface something like this. I have lost any and all respect I had for you 2.

Also, to the person selling this shit, you can go fuck yourself too. This crap belongs in the trash. Your obsession has essentially disrespected the creators of Castlevania, and video game collectors around the world, all over your obsession over a measly YouTube show. You should be ashamed of yourself. Keep your hands the fuck off of rare titles if you are going to do this kind of crap to them. You shouldn’t be allowed near any video games with this kind of mentality.

Also: Price is FIRM: $150 

The only thing firm that should be in reference to anything regarding this, is giving 3 firm kicks in the ass to James, Mike and the seller.

Link 3 Jul Don't Hug Me I'm Scared»

This is awesome, just give it time and watch it though.

Text 5 Jun My response to Kotaku article: “Someday Our Xbox 360s Will Be Retro. And This is How We’ll Feel.”

LINK: Someday Our Xbox 360s Will Be Retro. And This is How We’ll Feel.

In case the image ever goes dead:

Funny how I mention this anytime someone mentions Steam, DLCs and DRM, and I get ignored, but someone makes a fancy video about 360 and oh here, let’s all comment saying the same thing he has been saying, but this makes us all sad, so let’s go buy more DLCs.

FACT: your hard drive on your 360 will be dead when you go to pull it out in 10-15 years to ‘reminisce’ the good old days of gaming, so every time you buy a DLC, a Live Arcade title, or a digital release, you are basically doing a rental and flushing your money down the toilet after. Those servers WILL be dead and Microsoft will NOT care. You want to know what their answer will be? “I’m sorry sir/mam, we no longer support the X-Box 360, but we will be happy to give you a credit (if even) towards the purchase of a title on our X-Box Live service for the ‘X-Box Two’.” - and what are you going to do? Cry or accept the credit? BOTH and you will wish you had stepped up now and said something like I have been for the last few years, and I just get told to fuck off.

The same thing will occur on PS3, and has already occurred on original X-Box, with what little was available. Just think, Steam, Origin, same day, different boat! Just think of what all you ALL have to look forward to in the future! Sound great, doesn’t it? But yet you all just keep on buying this online crap, making the publishers and developers think that is what you want. For all the campaigns, including the #PS4NODRM on Twitter, what none of you seem to realize is that it is already here and you don’t really seem to care. Rather 2 faced I think.

And for those with their nonsense excuses saying, no one plays old games, due to the resolution, graphics, features, etc. etc. etc. bla bla bla - explain to me why ‘retro collections’ sell so well and people are rushing to buy so much of it? Also, go speak for yourself, I don’t even want achievements on my game. I don’t need a pop up similar to spam telling me, “hey, you did this, who’s a good doggie!!” -middle finger-

Photo 4 Jun A month later after this prior one: seriously can’t make this stuff up. Some people are just too dense. Keep in mind, I have not texted this person since the link above…she contacted ME.

A month later after this prior one:

I seriously can’t make this stuff up. Some people are just too dense. Keep in mind, I have not texted this person since the link above…she contacted ME.

Link 2 Jun The Future of gaming by Hexfix93. |»
Photo 25 Apr 5 notes True story.

True story.

Photo 20 Mar 3 notes
Link 14 Feb 2 notes I will never support games that use DRM.»

The link speaks volumes.

Text 20 Jan NewEgg customer service via chat is bullshit

Have not been getting emails from NewEgg for about 2 weeks now, which includes the daily Shell Shocker emails, other specials and sales, and pretty much ANYTHING from them via email, so I decided to go ahead and contact their customer support so it could be resolved. Keep in mind, I checked my account prior and it has all the email address correct and everything is subscribed, not to mention that in the email settings for the email address they are sent to, it has the email address they send their newsletters from in my address book as well as a filter to send it to a certain folder, so it’s not being blocked. There has been nothing in my spam folder either.

Status: Connected
Fernando (Listening)
Fernando: Hi, my name is Fernando. How may I help you?
xxxxxxxxxx: Hi, sorry for the short question, I typed it out and it didn’t go through the first time, so I hit refresh and it erased it all
xxxxxxxxxx: either way, I’m having issues with my email subscriptions
xxxxxxxxxx: I have not received anything in 2 weeks, and the email address has been in my address book to receive emails much longer than this, and I have filters set to receive them, nothing has been changed, and this only recently has become an issue. My account shows I am subscribed to all of them, but I am getting nothing.
xxxxxxxxxx: I even re-subscribed to the shell shocker emails a week ago or so and still nothing.
Fernando: Hello xxxxxxx. I’d be happy to help you with that. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please clear the cookies of your browser and try again. If you happen to use a firewall, please temporarily disable it. If it does not work, please try another browser or attempt on another computer.

xxxxxxxxxx: ? What does that have anything to do with me ‘receiving’ emails…they are not in my email account at all, I have gotten everything else but emails from NewEgg
xxxxxxxxxx: it even shows in my account on here that i AM subscribed
xxxxxxxxxx: this is not a web page we are talking about here, clearing my cookies, or anything to do with a firewall or browser is not going to change what emails show in my account.
Fernando: Please try to click the links and Please reply to this email with the information you see when you click the links so that we can further look into this matter for you.
xxxxxxxxxx: I don’t see how that’s going to tell why I haven’t been receiving your emails…
Fernando: Thank you for that information. I have sent a request to our internal help desk to check this issue for you. Our help desk representatives will update you via email with the feedback in 3-5 business days and further assist you. 
xxxxxxxxxx: really…
xxxxxxxxxx: I guess I won’t be buying anything until then, since you know, I can’t get the newsletters
xxxxxxxxxx: my ip address and browser info from that link has nothing to do with my email
Fernando: We apologize for the inconvenience. We need to check this issue first and then we can tell you what happed with your email and then further help you. Your patience and understanding will be highly appreciated.
xxxxxxxxxx: lol, whatever. customer support at it’s finest. do they not teach you people to think outside the box and not read a script?
xxxxxxxxxx: i’m not dumb, and you should quit acting it, because it just makes you and the company you work for look bad. none of this has anything to do with my email, but whatever. i will be posting this to my tumblr so everyone can see how stupid this is.
Fernando has disconnected the chat.

Photo 10 Jan Just a gif I made a while back from 3 or 4 photos I took of the sky while I was driving somewhere. I intended on using this for something at one point but never did.

Just a gif I made a while back from 3 or 4 photos I took of the sky while I was driving somewhere. I intended on using this for something at one point but never did.

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